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Containing a Variety of Instrumental and Vocal Works

The Society has just released this 2-CD set of Kraehenbuehl's compositions that spans his creative life. Drawn from existing recordings, and including a few on which he himself plays, it features works in a variety of genres and styles. With one exception, it does not include works for piano solo since that is well covered by Martha Braden's superb CD, RANDOM WALKS (described on next page).

Highlights include the opening Diptych with violinist Frank Costanzo of the Philadelphia Orchestra, and the moving song cycle Landscapes for soprano, flute, oboe, and string quartet. Ash Wednesday features the distinguished cellist Joel Krosnick (later -and still- of the Juilliard String Quartet), who premiered the work. The charming Christmas Choruses, from an early recording by the eminent conductor Margaret Hillis, contrast with the excerpt from the 1986 cantata Drumfire performed by the Amor Artis Chorale and Orchestra under the late Johannes Somary. The CD ends with a few pieces from Jazz & Blues, a collection of teaching pieces in various popular styles.

Sample the CD

To play the audio, press the triangle button. The square button will stop the playback.

Corrente from Diptych for Violin and Piano:

"The Star Song" from Four Christmas Choruses.

Aria from Ash Wednesday:

"...Of the Guns" from Drumfire: A Cantata Against War:

"The Blind Mice Jump" from Jazz and Blues:


We will be happy to send you a copy of "Music of David Kraehenbuehl." The price is $20. Please make your check payable to The David Kraehenbuehl Society, Inc., and mail it to:

DK Society
c/o Burkhart, Apt. 1403
550 E. 12th Ave.
Denver CO 80203

We Can Also Provide Scores

Musicians interested in performing works of David Kraehenbuehl will need scores. While scores of all works are available through the Yale Music Library (see next page), we recommend that you contact us first. We can often provide more user-friendly scores -- and get them to you more quickly. Use the "Contact Us" at the bottom of the last page of this website, or phone us at 303 832 2316.


Office of the Dean
February 8, 2012:

Dear Mr. Burkhart,

Thank you for the CDs of David Kraehenbuehl's music. Having his legacy available to performers, composers, scholars, and other music devotees is a treasure.

I am truly grateful to you and to all members of The David Kraehenbuehl Society for your tireless work on this project. Undoubtedly, our students and faculty will be glad to know about these works.

On behalf of the School of Music and indeed our colleagues throughout the world, heartfelt thanks for preserving David Kraehenbuehl's musical legacy.

With warmest regards, I remain

Sincerely yours,

Robert Blocker


Kraehenbuehl's legacy as a piano pedagogue consists of two independent piano-teaching programs, one published by the Frances Clark Library for Piano Students, the other by the National Keyboard Arts Associates (NKAA), an organization he founded in 1967 together with Richard Chronister, Thomas McBeth, and David Loerke. Both programs were promoted at workshops held throughout the U.S. and Canada, and consist primarily of series of booklets devoted to theory, piano technique, and hundreds of carefully graded--and very attractive--pieces composed by Kraehenbuehl, who possessed a wonderful affinity for the imagination of children. The NKAA materials also include a complete teacher-training program and a monthly magazine for teachers, Keyboard Arts, for which he wrote some 75 short articles on piano-related topics.

In 2008 the Society donated to the Yale Music Library a virtually complete set of the NKAA material that had come to us from former NKAA teacher James Lyke, and in 2010 Martha Braden made a similar donation that included the Frances Clark publications. When catalogued, all this is to be listed on the Library's website (see next page, top) under The David Kraehenbuehl Papers / Additions. We are happy that these superb and highly original materials now have a permanent home where they can be studied by all interested parties.


With sadness we learned that our Honorary Chairman, Gustav Leonhardt, distinguished harpsichordist, organist, conductor, and one of the titans of the historical performance movement, died January 16, 2012, at his home in Amsterdam. He was 83.

Our Society has been honored by Maestro Leonhardt's gracious lending of his name to our cause, a gesture stemming from a long friendship with David Kraehenbuehl that began in their student days at the Schola Cantorum in Basel.

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